Bottoms Up, Johnny

Blurry John McCainCollege was a long, long time ago, but I still remember the important stuff, like drinking games. I was always pretty bad at the skill portion of Quarters, but I didn’t really have a problem with that — it just meant I got to drink more. In fact, I rarely bothered with such things as pointing to other players with my elbow. I’d point with my finger and… ooops! time to drink again. Silly me.

Being a vidiot, my favorite drinking games have always involved the eye of hell. Being a vidiot and a Bob, my all-time fave would have to be Hi Bob.

I’ve just come up with a drinking game of my own, and it’s not unlike Hi Bob, which took advantage of the fact that a certain phrase showed up rather a lot in the scripts for Bob Newhart’s sit-coms.

Think about it — what’s on the eye of hell all the time these days, and what phrase does one hear repeated over and over?

I think you may have already figured it out based on the image above. The name of the game is My Friends, and the rules are just like those of Hi Bob: whenever McCain intones that famous phrase, everyone has to down a shot. Be warned, however, that when Johnny Mac is having particular trouble dealing with the text of his speech, he may say it fairly often. In fact, I’ve heard him throw it into a single sentence as many as three times. It’s apparently his version of “um.”

Because of this, the game is often kind of short.

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Zero Wing – Search Marketing Edition

Narrator: In A.D. 2007, war was beginning.
SEM: What happen?
Webmaster: Somebody set up us the PR drop.
Designer: We get signal.
SEM: What!
Designer: Main screen turn on.
SEM: It’s you!!
CUTTS: How are you geeks!!
CUTTS: All your paid link are belong to us.
CUTTS: You are on the way to a penalty.
SEM: What you say!!
CUTTS: You have no chance to profit make your nofollows.
CUTTS: Ha Ha Ha Ha ….
Designer: Captain!!
SEM: Take off every ‘AD’!!
SEM: You know what you doing.
SEM: Move ‘AD’.
SEM: For great link juice.

CATS with face of Matt Cutts

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