It’s All in the Branding

This site is probably going to be almost as busy as the NYFT today. Of course, since little of that traffic is likely to be coming from the Amarillo area, it’s not likely to make the owner rich.

Joe the Plumber

This isn’t the Joe the Plumber who was referred to some 25 times during last night’s debate. It’s just the lucky domain name owner of the day.

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Who’s Achilles?

A number of people in the media have noted that one of the questions Sarah Palin didn’t answer tonight was the one regarding her Achilles’ heel. Instead, she gave a list of her strengths.

She had openly stated fairly early on in the debate that she wasn’t planning on directly answering the questions being posed to her and that she preferred to speak directly to the American people about the issues. I suppose one could say that’s what she was doing with this particular question, although she didn’t preface her answer with any statement about how she preferred to talk about something else.

What I haven’t heard or read yet is the first thought that came into my mind when she (non)responded to the question: is it possible she doesn’t know what an Achilles’ heel is?

I can just see her returning to her hotel after the party they’re apparently having for her in celebration of her not melting on stage, hopping on line and looking it up.

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