McWaldoIs he in the kitchen?

Is he at the beach?

Is he on the Straight Talk Express?

Maybe he’s at a town hall meeting, saying “my friends” two to three times per sentence. Is that where he is? No?

Is he with the troops?

If he isn’t with the troops, why not? Does he, or anyone for that matter, have an excuse for not being with the troops right now? Who the hell does he think he is? Just what are his priorities? Would he be willing to lose the war in order to win an election? Maybe he’d rather eat a pulled pork sandwich than spend time with the troops. Perhaps he thinks that getting an hour or two of sleep each night is time better spent than time spent with the troops. What’s more important: calling Cindy Lou a hussy for wearing too much makeup, or spending time with the troops? Think of the time he’s spent over the years brushing his teeth, or wiping his ass after taking a crap. That’s time that could have been spent with the troops. But it seems he had other, more important things to do.

I think he may be a Communist. What else would explain this obvious disdain he has for the troops?

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