I have to admit, this is pretty confusing.

It made perfect sense to me when he was a Republican. I mean, if you’re a member of the species that serves as the party’s mascot, it all falls right into place. You certainly don’t see any donkeys running on the GOP ticket.

But to see him running for president as a Libertarian? That doesn’t seem right. First of all, he’s a king. Would a sitting monarch join the Libertarian party? Do the rest of the Libs just go into laissez-faire mode and tell themselves he can be king as long as it doesn’t affect them in any way? Kings tend to live off moneys collected from their subjects as taxes. That is not what I’d consider a Libertarian ideal. What if he’s elected, and he decides some day he wants to invade the land of the giraffes and water buffalo? How is he supposed to raise an army?

Besides that, as a Republican, he was a member of the House. That’s fine. But how can he run for president? Isn’t he French, or Belgian, or some such thing?

Bob Barr as Babar

Pretty confusing.

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