I just heard Suzanne Malveaux, en route to DC for Ted Kennedy’s official endorsement announcement of Barack Obama at American University, say that she’s been getting numerous crackberry messages from colleagues that traffic is impossible in the area. Apparently, people are dancing in the streets. That’s what she’s heard at any rate, and she attributes this to “Obama Mania.”

That got me thinking: is that one word or two? And couldn’t it be mushed together into a portmanteau, like “Obamania”?

So I ran a few searches (just Google, I’m afraid — I’ve got work to catch up on today), and looked at the number of results to see which version is most popular. Here’s what I got:

By the way — apparently none of the three has enough search volume to give me any results at Google Trends, but I’ll check back in a week or two. As Obamamania (or whatever you want to call it) grows, I have a feeling the search volume is going to get cranked up a notch or two.

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