Guess where everyone’s favorite lying sack of shit was Sunday morning. While you’re at it, guess who was there with him. Yes, it’s true. Rudy, who considered the priesthood in his youth but apparently gave it up because he couldn’t stop thinking about super hot chicks (a problem we can only hope his third marriage will finally relieve), was at a church in Miami with Katherine Harris: the Hispanic evangelical El Rey Jesus church, to be precise.

I don’t know how often Rudy normally attends services, but the Daily News pretty clearly implies that he’s not a regular churchgoer these days.

For the mayor – who as a young man considered the priesthood – it marked the sudden discovery of God on the campaign trail, with a speech that was part sermon and part political pitch.

In other words, he’s pandering! Not only that, but Mr. English Only was pandering at a bilingual church. It’s almost as good as Romney speaking out against layoffs.

Rudy Giuliani and Katherine Harris at a church

Rumor has it that later this week he’s going to get a handgun and stand outside a Planned Parenthood clinic threatening anyone who’s walking in. Then he’s going to get those two gay men he used to live with and lock them up with one of those ex-gay counselors until they’re just begging for Rudy’s sloppy seconds.

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars

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