On May 28, 2004, I made a bold prediction about the future of Google:

Paris Hilton

Here’s one. I got it from a “very reliable source”. Google’s decided that to compete properly with Yahoo they’re going whole hog into the portal biz. If you allow cookies, going to google.com will log you into MyGoogle, which will feature your local news and weather, your gmail inbox, and a selection of online games.

The whole thing will be introduced this summer in a series of TV ads starring Paris Hilton, who will look into the camera and ask, “Wanna see my google?”

I can’t link to it because it’s in a password-protected area of the forum, but I referred to the prediction again in May of last year.

iGoogleWas I close or what? Today Google announced that the service heretofore known as the Google Personalized Homepage has been redubbed .

The only error I made was to predict they’d pick up Microsoft’s “My” rather than Apple’s “i”, and I think they may regret that choice. We’ve already discussed how Google’s not exactly thrilled with the concept of its name being used as a verb, and just like iVillage in that other post, I think we can expect iGoogle to be viewed as a statement regarding an activity. It’s certainly not the same as Apple’s i-for-internet bit, since there’s no non-i Google, right?

So that means that iGoogle is going to strengthen the idea that one can google: I google, you google, he/she/it googles.

What’s that you say? I was wrong about Paris Hilton? Trust me, it’s only a matter of time. But I guess her tagline will have to be changed. How about “iGoogle. Do you Google? Wanna Google with me?” That’ll work.


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