Siouxsie Sioux…and I like to think that I am. Today I had to venture outside of my precious hovel to go to an appointment, and I observed some very interesting things. No, I did not see the cat detector van from the . But as I was walking toward Massachusetts Avenue to catch the bus, I noticed a real estate sign in front of a house at the corner of Eustis and Arcadia Streets in Cambridge. The name of the realtor was Susie Hsu. Say that name aloud. Haven’t you been wondering whatever became of her? I know I have. I saw her perform with her band some 15 or 20 years ago at the Orpheum in Boston and she was pretty bad. She kept complaining about how hot it was on the stage. You’d think she’d have learned to expect that and accept it as a standard occupational hazard. I wonder if she brings Budgie along when she runs an open house. I wonder if he’s changed the spelling of his name. I suppose he could be “Bud Gee” and they can be a pretend Asian couple together, selling houses in Cambridge as Susie Hsu and Bud Gee of Ban Shee Realty.

Later today, on my way back from the appointment, I was right around the Lexington/Arlington border (still on Mass Ave) and I passed by a car wash. In front of it, a man was wiping down his car, presumably after running it through the wash. The man was a white guy, with white hair, probably in his early 60s, wearing khaki pants and a green sweater. The car was a Cadillac, with a vanity license plate that read MD4GOLF. Now, I don’t know if that was intended to mean that the man was made for golf, the car was made for golf, or they were both made for golf, but in any case, I think this proves the point I made last night.

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