Cadillac logo with golf bag and hatI’ve mentioned Cadillac before, noting “the cool CEO in his cool Cadillac [who] beats his cool CFO in his cool into his reserved parking space by doing a high speed donut in the parking garage.” I think the way the company has tried to rebrand itself for baby boomers (dang boomers) is so dishonest. They know that the generation that would be buying their product is more interested in s, so they drop model names like Eldorado, De Ville and Seville in favor of STS, DTS, and CTS, they buy the rights to a couple of songs, and pretend that they’re road hugging, white knuckle driving performance vehicles.

Honestly, I don’t care about any engineering changes they’ve made. They’re still Cadillacs, and Cadillacs are and will always be big, heavy, cushy parade floats that announce to the world that you lead a life of leisure — not a life of thrills. Rebranding doesn’t change that. Cadillacs are for golfers and pimps from 1970s films. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why I was so pleased to see their latest spot on the eye of hell. Four male friends are driving to the country club. The actors are 40ish (maybe even in their mid-30s), but there’s no question that the characters are at least 50. There’s no Led Zep. In fact, I believe the only sound is conversation, as the four friends joke with each other about their bogeys, birdies, eagles and handicaps. You certainly don’t hear the engine revving and purring. At the end of the spot, they get out of the car, open the ultra-roomy trunk to get their clubs, and the announcer makes some statement about how the car has plenty of room for these four gents and their golf bags.

No more lies! Cadillac admits what it is and what it’s for. There’s no shame in this. I’m sure they feel a great peace now that they no longer need to pretend they make performance cars. It’s for going to the country club. It’s for carrying your clubs. That’s why they call it a Caddy.

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