I’m so worried for poor little Lonelygoil. It’s clear that this big event she’s training for is a human sacrifice, and she’s been chosen because she’s the only virgin left in the coven. So sad. She doesn’t understand. If only Danielbeastieboy could help her. She wouldn’t be eligible for the sacrifice anymore, so she’d finally be safe. It might make her a tad angry, but it would be worth it. So what if YouTube wouldn’t be willing to show it?

The first step in saving Breeeeeeeeeee is getting her to that party. She’ll get to see that there’s a whole world out there, full of peers who’ve all seen her videos but will act like they haven’t in order to further confuse the audience.

And maybe she’ll get lucky at the party. That is to say, she might hook up with these two

Thank you, TV in Japan. You may have saved a life.

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